Rezy is a global rental platform striving to transform the mechanism of the way rent gets paid, and what it yields throughout the world.

Essentially, rent payments makes up nearly 40% of an individual’s income until the age of 35, yet this major chunk is in no way rated or appraised to benefit the tenant. This brings a crucial fact to the surface which we believe is overlooked and undervalued by the financial world: “Rent is the least serviced financial tool.’ We have coined the term REYI, “real estate yield investor”, to describe tenants that seek for ways to translate their high-value investments throughout their lives into financial benefits and sophisticated financial services globally.

After all, a person who pays their monthly phone bill gets a solid credit rating, yet a person who pays three thousand dollars of rent per month gets no benefit.

With digitalization, the systems of financial institutions are continuously evolving, bearing fruitful gains to their investors. What about real-estate? What is the place of REYI in the financial world?

Here at Rezy, we have adopted the mission of securitization and monetization of real estate and its yield, rent, amidst globalization with the ambition of creating a cashless and borderless rental market by developing its primitive infrastructure. We are here to create global tenants and REYIs, give people access beyond the borders they are destined to live on and yield from. Rent, in form of cash payments has better things to do than to collect dust in someone else’s account as a security deposit. We have set out to create a global rating system for tenants by structuring and processing invaluable global real estate data on our platform, which will essentially constitute a global investment passport.

With Rezy, living anywhere in the world, from London to Tblisi has never been so easy!