Rezy Business
Rezy Business eases the management of property for companies with multiple properties, brands with many presences, and real-estate firms. No monthly fee.
Multiple Access
Allow account access to more than one person. Give access to your manager, lawyer, and accountant. Have them manage your account.

Virtually monitor your rent payments and income on Rezy without giving access to your bank account/exposing your privacy.
Add 10+ Property
You can be the owner of a restaurant chain or own properties in different/many countries, upload these properties to Rezy and easily track your payments. You can use Rezy to both plan and track your rent payments and income.
Management & Monitoring
Because of the lack of tracking, property owners lose rent income and renters miss rent. You don’t have to worry, you can track your payments and income on Rezy with ease, avoid complex account reports.
Sort / Filter
With Rezy Business, property owners can be sorted for hundreds of names, rent amounts and cities. You can compose reports for your rent payments and share it with your client.
Create Report/Record
You can compose a rent report for each month, quickly view how much payment received or paid for rental commercial properties.

Every transaction and every document on Rezy is recorded (eloquently) so the potential conflicts between the parties are minimized
Rent Insurance
You can make a mandatory earthquake insurance on Rezy and manage your insurance on a single platform. Property and rent insurance are coming soon on Rezy!