Frequently asked questions


Rezy is a global rent platform serving every stakeholder of the global real-estate market. See “About Us”

Yes, Rezy is free. In few steps, you can sign up and start enjoying our services.

No, Rezy is not a listing service. We are a service platform dedicated to make rent management, tracking, monitoring, and payments easy.

Rezy is currently available in the UK and Turkey.

Rezy offers digital legal contract and credit card payment services to make rent easy and global! See “Services”

Rezy currently accepts Turkish Lira & and GB Pound payments.

Yes! Our contracts are prepared by a team of legal professionals for your use only & completely free.

Yes, Rezy’s contract is legally valid, binding, and enforceable.

No. Legal responsibility belongs to the parties of the contract, tenant & lessor.

Not yet, but Renter’s insuarance will soon be on Rezy!

Of course! Rezy offers Personal, Business and Property Manager services. On Rezy, you can track your business real-estate from anywhere in the world!

Yes, you can download our mobile app on Apple Store or Google Play.

Account Settings

You can change your contract information and password on “Account Settings” by clicking on the icon on the top right corner of Dashboard.



You can pay your rent with a credit card or via EFT/bank account.

You can update your payment information on “Cards” section.

After you add your card information, you can pay your rent in two steps by clicking on “Pay Rent” or “Notifications” > Pending Rent Payment

No, Rezy does not provide due payment service. Currently only rent & deposit payments could be made via Rezy.

Failed payments typically happen when credit card information is entered incorrectly, or the card is declined.

Yes because Rezy offers 3D secure payment.

You can see your payment history on “Transactions” section.

Yes, Rezy notifies customers via e-mail & SMS when rent due approaches.

You can contact the lessor from the contact adress written on the Rent Agreement once you’ve received an offer.

Your deposit will be paid back to your initial payment account.

You will get your deposit back when you evict the property.

Property Owner

You must add your property to the system and make an offer to your tenant

You must add your IBAN information to our system. We will transfer your rent income once your tenant has completed their rent payment.

Once your tenant has accepted the offer, the rental contract becomes effective and the agreed rental period starts. You will receive Rent payments on specified Rent Payment dates

  • Save time
  • Save money - No agency cost
  • Easy to use
  • Security
  • International payments facilitated

You can schedule when you set an offer or by contacting your tenant within the rent period.

You can renew a lease on Properties section.

Yes, you can add images and a video of your property.

Yes. Rezy automatically sends an e-mail reminding that the rent payment date has come.

Yes, Rezy is also available for Commercial Properties. You can choose commercial option while adding the property.